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Moonlight creates luxury ice cream inspired by mouthwatering desserts and the magical flavours of the Middle East. Join us on our journey to discover a new world of ice cream, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.​

We at Moonlight hold a philosophy that quality lies at the heart of every marvellous treat shop, and with this in mind, we are on a mission to becoming master researchers, tinkerers, and perfectionists, set out on a mission of making the absolute best ice cream we can. After countless batches of ice cream, and tweaking and adjusting machinery, we came up with our own original, super-premium ice cream flavours to offer at our shops.
After generations of continued innovation and serving delicious treats to all of the wonderful people of the Middle East, Moonlight expanded to Manchester, one of the most magnificent cities in the UK; where we continued to perfect our extra special ice cream recipe.

The magical feeling you get when you take that first bite out of one of our incredible desserts is reflected in our high-quality food flavours, but more than that, we offer an experience you will never forget. Our brand aspires to differentiate itself through the implementation of creativity, artistry, and spontaneity in the preparation of desserts, together with the addition of a wide array of toppings and syrups made from the best ingredients. This is manifested in the preparation of Moonlights signature special desserts, such as the Moonlight Special Sundae, the Faluda beverage, and a wide variety of delicious flavours of treats ranging from Hot Cookie Dough and Belgian Waffles to Crepes, and Cakes.


Our mission is to transport you. Maybe you’ll swoosh back in time to Nanny’s great smelling kitchen, or we’ll shoot you directly into food-love-overdrive. It’s so amazing to us when we hear our customers associate Moonlight desserts with another beloved experience, and it’s even better when they say our ice cream is the best they ever had!

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If you live in Manchester and are looking to create some ice cream memories or, fulfil your sweet tooth craving with some mindboggling flavours, check out our delivery partners; JustEat, Deliveroo, or UberEats to see if you’re in their delivery radius so you can treat yourself to fresh scrumptious desserts directly to your door! Order online or visit us in-store today to join the Moonlight family, and experience a mouthwatering dessert like no other.

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We also host private events in our top floor section at the Wilmslow Road branch. For more information, click the button below.